The future of the earth.

Dissemination of knowledge about space travel.

Possible life-saving.

Population growth, agricultural and industrial activities are fighting the environment it destroys. Deforestation, pollution, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, genetic modification and more endanger the lives of humans, fauna and flora on Earth. The future is APOCALYPTIC.
We develop new knowledge that allows the creation of the following means:
a)Transport with short transit time from departure to destination, with low-energy consumption; so from NY to Paris in 25 minutes, From Earth to the Moon 3 hours, Earth to Mars 36 hours.
In this way we have easy access to outer space where we have huge spaces for agriculture, industry, etc. Huge space production can support a growing human population
By releasing large areas of land, we are rebuilding wildlife, with great genetic resources and sources for space stations.
b) Unlimited energy. We add new concepts about energy to current knowledge. We can extract from the environment how much energy we need on earth or in space. The problem with resource depletion will no longer exist.
c) Total depollution. We decompose useless waste into constituent chemical elements. We consider the energy to be sufficient for the dissociation of materials. They will be recycled, they will be used as raw materials. Earth, water, air and outer space will be free of junk. They will no longer endanger the lives of people and living things.
d) ETHICS. The unlimited powers of men will not endanger the life of beings; they will take care of them, multiply them and collaborate with them.
The phrase is: “people will keep life on earth and in the cosmos.”
Without this ethics, progress is impossible.

By Revelation, we mean: revelation of a catastrophic end of the world; wars, epidemics, massive endings of life, suffering, famines, etc.
Positive Apocalypse: it is a revelation about a harmonious, happy, suffering-free future. Everyone benefits from this future: you, your children, your children’s children. I urge you to go in this direction.
Details were given in the book:

Look at Type 2 of Civilization! As We Continue; We’re Destroying Life! Are You Able, to Decide the Fair Destiny for Your Kids ’Children?

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This book is part of your future. It should be in every family, it is the bible of your future actions, it predicts the past, the present and the future, it is a prophecy. If you ignore it, you do not have: hope, progress and a more harmonious life.
There are no sciences, philosophies, religions to ensure a rich life.
The Bible states that “after death the soul can reach heaven.” It is a reduced consolation while we are alive.
We can have heaven on earth with all its benefits in our lifetime for all people and living beings on Earth.
We need the will to go in this direction, to unite, with perseverance to achieve harmony on Earth.

To advance in the direction of a harmony with the environment, the living beings, the cosmos proposes you to activate in the following plans:
a)With the thought. Find out, get informed, understand the physical models, the mathematical equations attached, solve and find the applications that result from your understanding materializing them.
b) With words. Discuss with those close to you, with friends about the fascinating perspectives generated by the relationship Vr = Vt. Carry on the good news.
c)With the deed. Based on the above knowledge, we do it specifically until we find the most advantageous solutions. Progressively we make vehicles for the cosmos and earth, air, water.
The presented theory has multiple uses to be extended, it will generate many other useful knowledge.

Next I give you different information to familiarize you with new knowledge.

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